Midem’s programmes for artists

Artists are at the heart of the industry and key to the success of the music business. Visibility, brand image and marketability are also vital as artists look to develop globally. Knowledge and education are crucial to better understand today’s challenges and identify what are the new opportunities.

Midem is keen to strengthen its commitment to working closely with artists and their teams to help them navigate in this fast-moving environment of the international music ecosystem. To do so, Midem has designed tailor-made programmes to encourage music artists’ development on a global scale.

  • Improve music artist development internationally

    Nowadays, artists have the opportunity to release their music to a wider audience than ever before. Music fans across the globe can experience music from a more diverse set of artists, giving opportunities for new success stories to emerge from anywhere in the world.

    In today’s globalized music economy, artists are in need of guidance and inspiration to develop innovation, adaptability, artistic freedom and to create new business models and fresh ways to interact with fans.

  • Midem’s programmes for music artists’ development aim to:

    • Put artists at the centre of discussions
    • Host an international gathering and a platform for dialogue
    • Develop professional training and sharing of knowledge for artists
    • Showcase artist-entrepreneurs and creation
    • Break down borders by engaging the global music community

    • Discover our world-renowned programmes and all the latest initiatives to support music artists' development on the world stage.
  • Brand-new Artist Hub at Midem

    Music & Events

    In 2019, for the first time, Midem launched in association with the International Artist Organisation a brand new area dedicated to artists: the Artist Hub. It was the place to learn all about music artists' development, network, share ideas and creation.

    The programme includes:

    • Masterclasses: Opportunity for artists to learn from more experienced counterparts who developed rich and inspiring career paths.
    • Panels: Discussions around the artist’s status and its inherent challenges: legal status, rights negotiation, copyright….
    • Workshops: Presentation of current platforms and innovative solutions built for artists and their teams: data management, digital strategy & social media management…
    • Networking: Q&A sessions and speed-meetings with key players of the international music ecosystem: A&R, managers, music supervisors, indie labels…

    Discover the programme
    Midem Artist Hub
  • 2019 Artist Hub speakers

  • Access to music supervisors has never been so easy

    Conference to meet the speaker

    Meet the Speakers

    Get a chance to personally meet Music Supervisors participating to the Conference focuses made on Music & Brands, Film/TV Music or Sync topics right after their panels.

    Global Sync & Brands Summit

    Global Sync & Brands Summit

    In this two-hour roundtable pitching session, labels, publishers and artists met with leading Music Supervisors to have their music considered for licensing opportunities. By invitation only.

    In association with A&RWorldwide/MUSEXPO

  • Music Supervisors Q&A

    Music Supervisors Q&A

    High-profile Music Supervisors participating to this exclusive Q&A session answered all the questions you had regarding their work overseeing music to set the mood and convey emotion in a film, commercial, video game, or TV show.

    Meet the European Music Supervisors

    Meet the Music Supervisors

    Music Supervisors were be available to Midem attendees for five-minute one-to-one consultations to provide guidance on music supervision and its local market specificities.

    In association with the UK & EUROPEAN GUILD of MUSIC SUPERVISORS

  • International Music Supervisors attending Midem 2019

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