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With changes in how people discover and consume music, the international music industry must forge new partnerships to reach audiences, drive growth and improve reputation. Midem combines expertly curated industry programming and tailored music networking events, to provide a platform aimed for the music ecosystem's contributors to meet and exchange. We aim to assist music professionals from all around the world and stimulate international exchanges to increase business development and talent discovery.

  • The importance of networking in the music industry

    Networking in the music industry

    In today’s music industry, it is all about who you know. If you are trying to build a future in music, it is crucial to create your networking opportunities and build mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with your partners. Success in the music business depends on the strength of one’s network with other specialized professionals and companies. Midem helps you grow your business and reputation all around the world, by designing targetted networking events to connect with international and local partners before, during and after the event.

    Whether you are a student, music artist, marketer, label executive, publisher, booking agent or startup founder, one of the keys to long-term success is music industry networking to build up a list of influential contacts. Attending Midem is being part of this global music ecosystem and being able to create your own personal music community.

  • Face-to-face meeting will speed up your business

    Social media is an extremely important tool for music professionals to develop their network of contacts across the world and interact with clients, other specialists and music fans on many platforms. You can build a working relationship over the internet, but meeting someone face-to-face speeds up the process and trumps all other connections.

    It is crucial to connect your digital world to the real world and take your business to the next level by meeting in person with the decision makers, influencers and organisations who will shape the future of the international music industry.

  • Midem gathers all the bellwethers of the international music ecosystem

    We collaborate with key institutions and associations to bring together the inspirational leaders of tomorrow's music community. Throughout this gathering, participants contribute or attend panels, pitches, conferences, case studies, meeting sessions, workshops and live performances, in order to better nurture new ideas, as well as ensure extensive music networking opportunities. Thanks to Midem, get to meet the people who matter in major music markets and high-potential regions and access key actors from all sectors of the music industry.

  • Discover our solutions to access the key players of the music industry


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