Midem Latin American Forum

Midem places an emphasis on assisting music professionals from all around the world and encouraging business development and talent discovery.

The high-potential markets programme is developed to assist with the structuring and professionalisation of the music industry in emerging regions to stimulate its international exchanges.

  • First Edition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Bringing together representatives from over 80 countries in Cannes since 1967, Midem is a business enabler helping and supporting new territories to structure and develop their local music market thanks to a unique programme based on knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration, conferences and meetings.

    Midem has created a long-term programme named “The Midem Latin American Forum” designed to establish business and artistic relationships between Latin American and international professionals and territories in order to develop and sustain the structuring of local and regional music ecosystems and international business in Latin America.

    Learn more about the first edition in Rio

  • Midem Latin American Forum

  • Latin American Forum: Growing the Latin Music Business

    • Create a unified pan-Latin music market
    • Facilitate exchanges and international networking
    • Develop knowledge sharing and professional training
    • Enable the discovery and export of new talents
    • Encourage the mobility of Latin artists throughout Latin America and the rest of the world
    • Learn more about the Midem Latin American Forum

  • Exclusive webinar: Zach Fuller


    This webinar presents exclusive data and analysis behind this extraordinary growth of the Latin American market and highlight the trends for the Latin music industry both regionally and globally. At a time when digital is the driving force behind the growth of the music industry, Latin America is the world’s fastest growing streaming market.

    Latin artists are breaking records and boundaries globally. The region holds more than 500 million mobile phone users, half of which are in the 9th largest recorded music market today: Brazil. The potential for further growth is monumental!

    Watch now

    Zach Fuller webinar Midem
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