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Wengie -

Job TitleArtist (Singapore/USA)


Wengie is a record-breaking Artist, lifestyle star whose influence is growing at staggering numbers. Having gained over 5MM subscribers in less than a year—unprecedented growth for a YouTuber—she's proven to be in a league of her own. Wengie's unique ability to deliver vibrant, informative, and highly-relatable content and music to a global audience—with signature quirk and humor —keeps her zealous 'Wengiecorns' wanting more. This unparalleled closeness and trust with her fans has cemented Wengie's power as a leading content collaborator for both high-profile and emerging brands. Wengie has leveraged her prominence on YouTube to tackle other creative realms—she recorded her first music album in China and released her first US single titled "Cake." as well as follow up singles "Deja Vu" and" Ugly Christmas Sweater" which debuted as the #1 Trending video on YouTube USA on date of release. She is also the voice of the fourth PowerPuff Girl on the Cartoon Network in Australia and New Zealand.

Conference Sessions

  • The Year K-pop Broke in the USA in 2019

    07 Jun 2019, 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM, Worldwide Village

      Followed by a “Meet the Speakers” Session   In 2018, K-pop took the world by storm, with some of its most successful acts – from BLACKPINK to BTS – peaked on ...

    • Language: English
      1. Event
      2. Event Date
        Fri, Jun 7
      3. Event Theme
        Country Focus
        Music Business

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